Extraordinary Materials for a Demanding World

Aerospace Applications

An almost endless list of potential applications exist for BNNT yarn and tape reinforcement...

Terrestrial Applications

BNNTs are also ideal replacements for materials used in many terrestrial technologies...

Solar Cells

BNNT single and multijunction solar cells can be created from this material...

American Boronite Corporation

American Boronite Corporation is an advanced materials company manufacturing nanotubes in continuous yarn and seamless tape formats. We are focused not only on being the first in the world to synthesize Boron Nitride Nanotubes (BNNTs) in continuous form, but also on building industrial-scale manufacturing capabilities for these materials. We have developed a proprietary, patent pending, scalable technology, with appropriate quality control and manufacturing systems. We are also developing Superwire, a patent-pending revolutionary new electrical conductor based on carbon nanotubes (CNTs). Our immediate goal is the development of both BNNT yarn and tape and of Superwire conductors for application development and commercial sales. Our focus is to become the globally preeminent supplier of BNNT yarn and tape as well as Superwire conductors, and developer and licensor of BNNT and CNT applications in a wide variety of fields.


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